Monday, January 26, 2009

Are you willing to adopt my babies?

As I will be working two weeks per month in Cebu, I will not be able to take care of my babies here in Manila. It would also be a hassle to bring them everytime I travel as there are 10 of them. As such, I am looking for someone with a good heart to adopt them for 3 months at least.

Would anyone be interested? All you need to do is feed them twice a day, and clean them every two weeks. Yes, every two weeks, not twice a day. I will also supply you with their food for 3 months.

My only requirement?

You must agree to return them to me once I can take care of them already. This will not be an easy task for you as it is very easy to fall in love with them. But, hey, the three months of joy that they will bring should all be worth it.

So, any takers?

Oh, in case you didn't know, I'm talking about my baby... fishes.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fight for your right

Just wanna share an experience tonight when I called my credit card's customer hotline:

Me: Hi. I would like to know what will be your dollar conversion rate if I purchase online tonight?
CSR: Sorry Sir but we do not have that information.
Me: What do you mean? Is there no way for you to check it?
CSR: Sorry Sir, but it changes often. We will only know once your transaction is posted.
Me: How can that be? I don't want to be surprised when I receive your billing and I will see you forex at $1=P60.
CSR: It's usually within the published rates sir.
Me: Like how much? I need a number. Can you guarantee?
CSR: No Sir. I can't give you a number.
Me: Let me talk to your supervisor.
CSR: My Supervisor will tell you the same thing Sir.
Me: I don't care. I want to hear it from your Supervisor.
CSR: Hold on Sir.

After 20 seconds...

Supervisor: Good evening. This is _____. I was informed you are asking about our forex rate?
Me: Yes.
Supervisor: Sorry Sir but we don't ahve that data. You can check it after your transaction is posted.
Me: How can that be? If your charge me $1=P60, can I complain after that?
Supervisor: NO SIR.
Me: Exactly. As customers, we have the right to those information to enable us to make the right choices, don't you think?
Supervisor: Yes Sir. What you can do is you may call us before you make that purchase to inquire about the conversion rate.
Me: That's what I am exactly doing now. I am about to make a purchase and I am calling you to inquire on the rate.
Supervisor: Sir, can I get your land line? I will just clarify and I will call you in 15 minutes once I have the rate.
Me: Sure. It's _______.

After 5 minutes...

Supervisor: Sorry Sir, but we can't give you an exact amount. But right now it should be within 46.92 Sir.
Me: But will it reach 50?
Supervisor: No Sir, if any, the difference should be in centavos.
Me: Ok. Thank you. That will do.
Supervisor: Sorry again Sir if we can't guarantee the exact amount.
Me: It's ok. At least you made an effort. I just don't like it when your agent tells me there's nothing you can do without trying. Thanks again for the effort.
Supervisor: Sorry again Sir. Thank you for calling.


Moral of the story? I don't know (hehehe). Maybe never give up on your right? I'm maybe hard headed, but only when I know it's my right. When things go wrong, never be afraid or be shy in asking for the Supervisor or the Manager.

When there was a problem with my order in Chowking, I asked for the manager, he apologized and gave us complimentary food. Same with Pizza Hut.

When I was in Cebu, I ate at Mang Inasal. Supposedly, it's unlimited rice. But I have to wait for 30 minutes for my extra rice. Malamig na ang sabaw ko. Worst, I see the kitchen staff playing with dishwashing liquid in the kitchen, spraying it against another staff, including the food being served. Also, the same people who handle the food also handle the money and clean the table. A big no-no in food business. I called for the manager, she recognized the problem and offered to refund my food. But I know it will be charged to the staff so I refused, but I told her to fix the problems or else I will report them to their Head Office. The next day, I went there again, everything was how I asked them and I was treated like a king.

I called Bayantel to complain about my bill. The agent was arrogant and when I asked to talk to another agent, he dropped the line. I called again and asked for the supervisor. She apologized and promised to investigate and asked for my initial concern. Right there and then, she waived the items in my bill that I object to.

I have thousands more of these stories. Maybe I'm hard headed, maybe "walang hiya." But for me, there's only one reason for this: I refuse to accept what is not right and is not just. 

I will never say, "Hayaan mo na, para walang gulo..." when I know I am right. But also, I will not hesitate to say sorry if I know it's my fault (some of my friends will object to this haha!).

So, I leave you with these quotes:

Evil flourish simply because good people choose to do nothing.

Failure to condemn translates to stamp of approval.

Silence to apathy is betrayal.

Thanks for reading. Good night!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Quote of the day

We neither know nor judge ourselves; others may judge, but cannot know us. God alone judges and knows us.
Wilkie Collins (1824-1889)

Bonus Quote from Melanie M: 

Do not judge my brother, he is not a book.

Why this country deserves GMA as [fake] president....

GMA's gift to the Filipino nation. Watch this excellent video.

God, 12 scandals are not enough? When will we say enough is enough?
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