Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dr. Manny Pacquiao?

On my way home after lunch today, I was surprised with the number of students gathered around the gate of Southwestern University. What's more surprising is the multitude of ROTC uniformed students lining in formation. Obviously, someone "big" is expected to come.

Then, as if by on cue, all the girls started to shout (or more appropriately, shriek) on top of their lungs. That's when I realized, today is the day that the university is awarding an honorary doctorate in human kinetics to Manny Pacquiao.

Of course, the decision of the university is not without objection. Some professors are questioning the conferment. "Dr. Aparicio Mequi, dean of the graduate school of Foundation University and a former chair of the Philippine Sports Commission, said on Friday that while Pacquiao had brought honor to the country through his victories in boxing, the planned conferment on him of a doctorate in human kinetics (honoris causa) might be a violation of a policy of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd)," an report said. (Click here to read the entire report)

I will leave it up to the CHED to determine the validity of that honorary doctorate. My only question is, what's next, Congressman Pacquiao?

When Pacman decided to run as congressman before, he enrolled in a college course (after passing the equivalency test of DepEd for high school), taking up political science. That was before the election, probably to show that he is doing something to counter his critics that he is not built for politics. After he lost by a large margin, it was not pursued anymore (unless the school excused him for months when he was training for his de la Hoya fight).

Now, with the doctorate, there is no need for him  to pretend to enroll in a univeristy. If you have  a drop out (Erap) for a president (and another one, an evil corrupt alien calling herself as president), why can't you have a doctor, albeit an honorary doctorate on human kinetics, run for congress?

Or maybe Manny doestn't need the title anymore. He previously registered as a resident on a remote (at least compared to Gen Santos City) area, a move that critics believe is in preparation for his second try at politics. Why the transfer? He has a house in Gen San, he is frequently in Manila and in the US for his trainings and fights, so why register to vote in a remote area?

We can only guess, of course. Maybe there is no Darlene Custodio-like opponent who would beat him to humiliation again; or maybe money talks more in that area (as compared to Gen San again, as money talks everywhere in the Philippines, especially during elections, and especially in the halls of Malacanang and Congress)? It's not so hard to imagine.

You are considered a national traitor if you wished that de la Hoya would win last time (like I did), but maybe a humbled Pacman will realize that just because he is a great boxer, it doesn't mean he can win all his fights. I hope this time Hatton shows him that.

If Manny really wants to help his country, as he claims to be the reason why he is running, there are a lot of other ways that he could do so. He can get inspiration from other super stars, with the like of Jet Li and his One Foundation or many other Hollywood stars (we are sadly lacking examples of stars in the Philippines).

If he is bent on running, his kind of friends already showed us the kind of politician he will be. Mike Arroyo, Chavit Singson, and Lito Atienza? God bless this country!

Patuloy na umiibig sa Pilipinas,
At naniniwala sa Pilipino,

Froilan Grate | GreenMinds

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