Saturday, May 9, 2009

People I will NOT vote for in 2010

I Will Not Vote For:
Villar, Roxas, Teodoro, Bayani, Binay, de Castro, Legarda, Syjuco, Genuino

I May Not Vote For:
Panlilio, Padaca

I Will Vote For:

For most of them, I will not vote for them because they have no respect for the law. They are circumventing the law on premature campaigning. And not to mention the stupidity of their commercials.

Of course, they can say they used their own funds for the TV campaign,  but in the end, how will they recover these expenses? Is this an investment with hopes of high returns?

This alone shows their character. Why vote for someone who can not respect the laws of the land?

On Villar
It's so simple, if he's innocent, why don't he face the charges on double insertion? Can he honestly say that his companies never benefited from his position?
If he has the integrity, why did he not avoid funding projects that will benefit his companies? I think we call that delicadeza in this country.

And Mr. OFW, you might want to help Dondon Lanuza who is currently on death row for self defense (someone tried to rape him).

On Roxas
How pathetic can you be? Marrying someone just to get some points in the survey? Who on earth would announce an engagement in Wowowee if you are serious about someone? And his commercials are just as pathetic. "Anak, ako na?" - yeah right! So trapo!

On Binay, Teodoro, Syjuco, & Genuino
What do you call people who use their position to advance their personal agenda? Suckers! Trapo at its best!

On Bayani
Can you imagine a country of pink fences? Of course, Marikina is touted to be a model city. But model on what? Cleanliness? It is only clean because they dump their waste somewhere else. And oh yeah, they are also the couple who advised people to flush their kitchen waste in the toilet bowl since it is biodegradable anyway! Nice!

And what about what he did on the trees along Katipunan? Cut them in the middle of the night! Traidor! Of course, there's no wonder the man who claimed trees in the cities are causing floods would do it!

On Legarda
Will you vote for a political prostitute? She claims to be for the environment, but what has she done? She sold the Philippines to Japan with the JPEPA. She failed the green groups, and she failed me.

On de Castro
Oh well, too much political baggage? Personal interest? Interest of former employers? Have you noticed the sponsors of Trip na Trip - the very late night show of Kat de Castro? Almost all are government agencies and GCC's!

And did he ever make a stand on all the important issues of our time? NO, he played safe! The making of a lame duck president!

On Panlilio
A leader must learn to listen. A leader must learn to sacrifice. A leader must unite. Unless Panlilio shows he has these traits, then maybe I will vote for him. Maybe. Your loyalty must be to your province and to your constituents, not to your provincial administrator. If she is causing most of the problems, I'm sure Pampangga has a lot more who are equally if not more qualified.

And of course, you must make the supreme sacrifice. Resign from priesthood, even just for formality (as they say, once a priest, always a priest). Then, maybe. Just maybe.

On Padaca
Yes, she was able to defeat a political dynasty. But, I fear she has the making of another dictator. Have you heard her talk? "My task force; my projects; my, my, my..." The way she delivered it just sent chills to my spine (and yes, it's not just me. I discussed it after with the others in the audience). Political will is one thing, hard headedness and self centeredness is another. She still has a lot of time to prove herself. Then maybe I will vote for her. Just maybe. (But please don't run as Pres or VP).

I will vote for Gov. Teddy Baguilat of Ifugao. He is an example of a leader who has vision, the political will and the integrity that we need. Most important, he has the humility to stay grounded despite his success/ power. It is a must.

(Just because someone's name is not here, it DOES NOT mean I will vote for them. Watch out for Part 2!)

Patuloy na umiibig sa Pilipinas,
At naniniwala sa galing ng Pilipino,

Froilan Grate | GreenMinds

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