Sunday, July 20, 2008

Look Ma, No Straw!

The straw is the most stupid invention, and only stupid people use stupid invention.

Straw is made out of plastic, and just like all other plastics, it would take thousands of years to disintegrate. Come to think of it, why would you use straw to drink a glass of ice tea? Is the glass dirty? Is it heavy that you can't lift to your mouth? People lived for thousands of years without straw, but why do some of us feel that we can't live without straws?

One friend asked before, "How about my Starbucks?"

Well, as the two pictures would tell you, it is possible. Yes, indeed it looks "jologs" or cheap, but I'd rather be cheap than stupid! What else would you call someone who knows one thing is not right and yet he/she keeps on doing it?

In the very rare occasion that I am inside a coffee shop (often for a meeting as I would never pay 180+ for drink voluntarily!!!!), I make sure that we use spoon. Yes, we do get some stares when we use spoon in our refreshments, but for us it is also a way to educate others about our advocacy. 
(And I would like to add, I do feel it is a crime against humanity to spend 150 pesos ($3+) for a cup of coffee when millions of people worldwide can't even drink a glass of clean water and thousands more die because of hunger. Your cup of coffee is more expensive the what most people spend for their entire meals for a day. And with your three cups of coffee, you can already sponsor one child for a month with World Vision.)

They say people use straw for convenience. I say people use straw out of selfishness. We'd rather pollute our one and only earth, destroy the habitat of other species and leave a legacy of garbage to the future generation than the inconvenience of not using straw.
With fellow Add Up! volunteers, Ryan and Cris
We don't need to change the world, let us be the change that the world needs. 
Join Add Up! Volunteers LAST STRAW CAMPAIGN! Be counted.

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