Monday, July 7, 2008

Paper or Plastic?

Choose REUSABLE! Why? Watch this video and see why.

Sometimes we assume that when choosing between paper and plastic, paper is the better choice. Yes, better may be but definitely not the best choice. Yes, paper comes from a renewable resource and is biodegradable - traits no shared by plastics. Still, we have to remember that these things all came from somewhere. And do we know where? Please do watch this video and discover these amazing facts:

World's Paper use has increased five fold since the 1960's
Per capita paper use is (kg/day/person) 324 in Finland, 297 in the US, 50 in Thailand and 2 in Cambodia (World average is 54)
Half of all the paper produced is used for packaging
Only 1/3 is used for writing or printing, mostly for advertising
In the US alone, 20 billion catalogs are being distributed every year and
90 billion Junk mails are being sent ot every year
The Pulp and paper industry is No. 1 in freshwater use
5th industry in energy use
3rd industry in emitting green house gasses

And a lot more!

So the next time you use a piece of paper, remember these facts.

How can we help? Well, aside from forcing the government and the industry to change, we can helping our own little way by:

1. First and foremost, reducing our paper use.
2. Second, reuse what we can. The other side maybe, or that envelope? Everything!
3. Recycle after. In the Philippines, we have to import used paper for recycling because not many people segregate their waste paper for recycling. Remember, keep it dry and clean!

Watch out for specific tips on how to reduce your paper waste in my next posts.

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