Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Generous PacMan?

With Manny "Pacquiao’s penchant for charity, his inability to say no, and his belief that everything he does in the name of giving is in accordance with what God’s mission for him,"* Manny is giving away P35,000,000.Yes, 35 Million!

Great, right? Wait until you know where he is spending it.

Manny spent the 35M or about  "$700,000 to purchase tickets to the “Dream Match” against Oscar De La Hoya so he can give them out to friends and supporters."* Well, what can you expect from the great Pacman.

Well, Mr. Fake Hero, I can think of better ways to spend your 35 million, which is in fact a tiny fraction of your expected 489 Million income from this so called Dream Match.

How to spend 35M? Let me count the ways:

1. Pay the tuition of more than 200 college students in UP for a full 4 year course.
2. Support the entire operational cost of 15 midsize NGO's for 3 years.
3. Provide more than 30,000 sacks of rice for distribution to the poorest of the poor in the Philippines.
4. Train more than 3,500 villages on ecological solid waste management.
5. Build 350 treeless houses that are fire, flood and earthquake proof.
6. Provide more than 30 doctors for 5 years to the remotest villages in the country.
6. Provide capital support to more than 700 women to start their own small enterprise.
7. Build more than 100 new classrooms.
8. Hire and support 250 new public school teachers for 1 year.
9. Provide free internet access to over 3,000 public schools for the entire year.
10. Provide clean drinking water to over 2,000 rural villages.

And oh yes, if you ask GMA, 35M can also be used to:
1. Buy 70 governors to support the Charter Change initiative.
2. Buy 35 bishops to support her, or vote against a CBCP call for her to resign.
3. Buy 170 congressmen, enough to make sure that the impeachment complaint will be junked.
4. Buy 35 generals of the AFP to keep the military "insulated" from the "political noise."
5. Get the services of ALL the killers-for-hire in the country to murder any journalist or political opponents who gets in her way.

I could think of a lot more ways to spend his millions, I am just an email away if he needs more suggestions.

I'm sure he will also give to "real" charity, but I doubt if it is even half that amount. And I am wondering, will Chavit Singson and Mike Arroyo get free tickets too? Just asking.

Win or loose, Pacman will earn an estimated 489 million pesos - at least. And in an unfortunate event that he will win, he may even receive 1 MILLION PESOS from GMA in Malacanang as gift to our "hero!"

I just hope that money was not from the tax payers. Mayber not, maybe it's from the fertilizer fund scam, or the ZTE kickbacks, or the Macapagal Boulevard overprice, or from the swine missing loans.

But wait, aren't all of those taxpayers' money?

*From Click here to read related news article.

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