Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why de la Hoya should win?

Or why would de la Hoya do a favor to the Philippines by defeating Manny Pacquiao?

As much as I admire Pacman as a boxer (A sport I don't understand by the way. When was it ok to hurt someone? When was it ok for thousands of people to cheer on 2 people killing each other? When was it ok for anyone to bet on who would suffer the most?), I can't bring myself to admire him as a person.

The way that he allowed himself to be used by the powers that be (and he will do it again!!!) in the name of Atienza and the Arroyo gang is enough reason to loose respect for the man. Speaking of Atienza, it still amazes me how he can provide a hero's welcome to a fake hero but ignore the real heroes in  his city - the teachers, the medical workers, etc. Manny, adopted son of Manila? So why did he hold his press conference in DENR and ignore the preparation of the City under Mayor Lim? It does speak of his character.

I also could not understand how the Church chose Manny to be their poster boy in their fight against the Reproductive Health Bill. The man is a womanizer for Christ' sake! He abandoned his own child from a mistress, and he makes kids every break from boxing! Manny for RH? Shame!

So why do I want Oscar to win?


He needs to be humbled. Manny believes that if he can take de la Hoya, he can take the Senate next. Yes, he will allow himself to be used again by those crooked politicians. They need him in the senate to have another puppet, in addition to Revilla and Lapid of course. For who else who run under the administration ticket? Running is one thing, winning is another.

If Oscar will win, I hope it would be a wake up call for Manny. He cannot just take up any fight. There are fights that are beyond him. What will he do in the senate? Punch any senator who would object to his resolution making boxing the national sport? Where would he use his pork barrel, in building boxing gyms in every baranggay? Nice!

But honestly, I want him to loose for one more important reason.

I want his loss to be a wake up call for Filipinos. Manny represents a false hope to many of us. Young kids want to skip school and punch each other so they could be like their hero. And every fight of Manny, the country stops. Crimes go down. With every win, the entire country feels that we are ok.

But we are not OK. We have a corrupt government, poverty is not going down. If we can unite for one day to watch Manny fight, why can't we unite for one day to demand accountability from those in power? If people can spend thousands to bet on him or to watch him on live telecast, why can't we give to worthy causes. The theaters are packed every fight, but go to film festivals with enviornmental or social themes, and you will find an empty hall.

So yes, I may be alone in this country, but I am praying that Oscar will win. Manny's loss does not diminish my being Filipino. He was never my hero. He never will be, not unless he cut his ties with his crooked friends and distribute his wealth, even just a part of it, to the poorest in his province - but not as part of his campaign.

So Oscar, do my country a favor. But please don't make it too hard on him, let him reach the 12 round so the macho Filipino's can still claim that at least their hero fought till the end.

So we can continue to fool ourselves.

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  1. hey there. I have also been praying for Pacman to lose. =) tama ka. it would be a humbling experience for our country. and I really don't understand how winning in a game which involves fistfight gives glory to our nation. =). i'm with you.


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