Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am very angry!!!!

Today, the Committee on Justice of the Philippine's House of Representative's dismissed the impeachment complaint against GMA as insufficient in substance.

(You may read the news here.)

The vote was 42-8. What the hell????

Only a stupid person would think GMA is not guilty of any of the crimes enumerated in the complaint. Oh, I forgot. Maybe they are all stupid.

The report will now be forwarded to the plenary for adoption or rejection. Now we know that majority of the Committee on Justice members are stupid. Next, we will know if the entire House is composed of stupid people.

I believe only one third of the plenary is needed to transmit the complaint to the Senate. I hope this will not be reduced to a mere numbers game. Please, write your congressmen.

And finally, I would like to share this insight. With the allegations of 500,000 that was given to each of the congressmen, one is tempted to say "Mga buwaya talaga sila."

But my friends, I agree with my friends from the Crocodile Conservation in Isabela:  
It is a great injustice to the crocodiles!

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