Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Lion and the Lamb

Just finished watching the movie Twilight. It was in support of KaEskwela (see here). The movie was ok, but I would like to share this from the movie (not verbatim):

Edward: I feel like a lion falling in love with a lamb.
Bella: A stupid lamb.
Edward: ___ A masochist lion.

Nice! Hehehe I just doubt if indeed you can "unconditionally, irrevocably love someone," especially someone so different from you.

Sharing the movie trailer here.

1 comment:

  1. hay! naku, naku naman!
    it's all possible.. loving unconditionally.. on one condition
    and then loving irrevocably especially if there's a no return no exchange policy...

    i enjoyed the movie not because it is twilight but because of the reactions and the sighs of the crowd.

    it's just like traveling through memory lane of bygone years when young love is as addicting as a heroine in your lips...

    thanks 4d invite iho..
    thanks.. there are no vampires in the movie else, i'd have sleepless nights again..


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