Thursday, March 19, 2009

I don't understand

Filipino jokes I can't laugh about.

JOKE Number 1:
Why did GMA pardon Erap, the Aquino-Galman killers, Jalosjos and soon, Daniel Smith? Because Danny Lim, Antonio Trillanes, and hundreds of juvenile delinquents are in prison.

JOKE Number 2:
Why is Gaite the new SEC Commissioner? Because Jun Lozada is still protected by the La Salle Brothers.


What kind of government pardons plunderers, killers, and rapist and yet imprisons those who call for change, and ignore the plight of children who are imprisoned?

What kind of government rewards those who lie and plot to kill a witness, but at the same time harass those who stood up for the truth?

Patuloy na umiibig sa Pilipinas,
At naniniwala sa galing ng Pilipino,

Froilan Grate | GreenMinds

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