Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama's Falling Star

To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.

- Barack Obama, Inaugural Speech as 44th President of the U.S.

When Obama made this comment in his speech, many Filipinos believed he was referring (one of, at least) to the Philippine President, Gloria Arroyo. This was further fueled by the fact that GMA tried to meet with Obama, to no avail. Even Secretary of State Clinton did not include the Philippines in her first visit to Asia.

I personally admired Obama for this. At least, he doesn't want to be used by someone who is indeed clinging to power through corruption and deceit. That's why it came as a surprise to read on the news that it was Obama himself who called Arroyo early this week. What could have prompted the US president to call someone he snubbed repeatedly even while he was still running for president?

Ah. Of course, you just have to read the news and make the connection.

People are calling for the transfer of Daniel Smith, who was found guilty of raping a Filipina and the scrapping of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), which many sectors believed to be one sided in the favor of the US. The case of Smith was proof to this.

So, Obama called GMA to affirm his country's commitment to the VFA. Commitment to the VFA? The US Congress did not even ratify the treaty! They would have the guts to cite it's provisions when it it convenient for them and it supports their cause.

This is the kind of change that Obama promised? Is this the foreign policy that he wish to pursue? The kind that disrespects the laws of other countries? The kind that treats other nations not as equals but as partners of convenience?

People say the Philippines needs an Obama. I say, no thanks! We have enough of people like him already.

Patuloy na umiibig sa Pilipinas,
At naniniwala sa galing ng Pilipino,

Froilan Grate | GreenMinds

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  1. Oboma has NOT brought CHANGE, In fact ~~ THE ONLY real THING needing CHANGE !

    Was Barack Hussein Obama II.

    Barack Hussein Obama II ( Who hates American Values )

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    This UN~CHANGABLE fraud, has done His VERY BEST to Inspire VIOLENCE.

    THESE ARE OBAMAS OWN WORDS.. saying “Bring it on” To his supporters.

    Oboma ~ Demands Saying “Get ready for hand-to-hand combat with your fellow Americans”

    – Obama has ALSO DECLARED to his Supporters

    “I want all Americans to get in each others faces!–

    Obama demands !

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    Obama has ALSO DECLARED "Republicans are our enemies"-

    ** Obama on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”

    ANGER VIOLENCE and more taxes..... THIS IS OBAMAS Change for america

    /“Hit Back Twice As Hard”. He commands !


    *Obama on the private sector: ~~ “We talk to these folks…~ / so I know whose a*$ to KICK.“
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