Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nicole Recants

Consider these events leading to this sad news:

1. Despite the public humiliation, Nicole stood by her accusation - she was raped by Daniel Smith.

2. The court finds Smith guilty of raping Nicole.

3. Smith was transferred to the US embassy, clearly violating the terms of the VFA.

4. The Supreme Court ordered the transfer of Smith to Philippine custody.

5. People started calling for the scrapping of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

6. Obama called GMA, in support of the VFA.

7. The Chinese sent patrol ships to Spratly's. Certain politicians said we should invoke our Mutual Defense Treaty with the US.

8. Nicole went to the US. The US!!!!

9. Nicole recants.

Wow! This country is fucked up. We've been colonized before, our forest and our women raped, and why would we allow these things to happen now?

Patuloy na umiibig sa Pilipinas,
At naniniwala sa galing ng Pilipino,

Froilan Grate | GreenMinds

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