Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank god for cellphones

Just when I thought I have the worst day in my life, my dad called to ask me how I am, ask my opinion on family decisions that has to be made, and tell me many mundane things happening at home.

And it lifted my spirit.

My dad has always been the "makulit" type. When he was working abroad, he would have the chance to call for about 4 days straight, in each month. And he would call every day, for four days. And he would ask the same questions and tell the same stories as the previous day. Worst, he would call like 5 in the morning. But of course, I am not complaining. It's the least that I can do for all his sacrifices as a single parent.

Now, I welcome this "kakulitan." I especially need it today. And thank god, there was also a bonus. My brother and his entire family visited my dad today. So, I was able to talk to my nephew and niece as well. God, I miss them. Their voices sounded so sweet over the phone.

It's a bit sad that I was the only one who wasn't with them when they attended mass today, when they had lunch together. But I'm happy for the phone call.

Thanks Tatay. I love you!

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